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I just wanted to clarify some of terms I use and tags I apply to the dishes on this blog.

First of all, you should know that this blog was born at a time when our family ate meat.  Very regularly.  As well as all things dairy.  So if you came here thinking this was  purely a vegan blog, sorry, it's not.  While the recipes currently being posted do not contain meat, I wanted to keep the old recipes up for other people who still enjoy eating meat.  Most of the meals on here, no matter if they contain meat or not, are on the healthier side, so I felt it was fitting.

I tag my meals.  And I try to tag them as specifically as possible.  So if you're looking for a dish with quinoa in it, you can click the "quinoa" tag.  The same goes for summer dishes, burgers, desserts and more.  I also have tagged the type of category the meal falls into.  IE: vegetarian, vegan, gluten free.  But I need to note to you all what I mean by these titles.

Vegetarian: without meat
Vegan: I struggled with whether or not to use the tag plant based instead, but settled on "vegan" for the simple fact that it's better understood.  While "plant based" to me sounds more freeing (you eat things that come from plants) and "vegan" sounds more restricting (you don't eat anything that comes from an animal), I decided on vegan.  Since, though, we are mostly plant-based/vegan for health reasons, we do use honey and the occasional egg white or sprinkle of cheese.  If you are 100% vegan, please know that recipes are flexible and you may substitute agave nectar or maple syrup for the honey, and a vegan cheese or egg substitute.
Gluten Free: Having no wheat or gluten in the dish.  I tagged several recipes as Gluten Free when, in fact, I call for whole wheat tortillas or pasta or the like. I'm assuming that the person looking for the GF meals will understand they just sub out those gluten-laden items for their GF versions.
Heart Healthy: I have this tag for any meal that falls into the "healthy" category.  These meals may fall under the vegetarian or vegan tags, too, and some have minimal cheese or egg usage (but on the whole are very healthy).  Some of the older chicken dishes that aren't laden with cheese are also under this heading.

If you find any recipes that are missing a tag, or are mis-tagged, please leave a comment and I will fix it!

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