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4 Weeks of SPRING Meal Plans
4 Weeks of SUMMER Meal Plans
4 Weeks of FALL Meal Plans
4 Weeks of WINTER Meal Plans

If you're just starting out!!!!
20 easy family-friendly meals to ease into plant-based eating

Cumin Rice with Eggplant and Peas -- add in a can of white beans and throw into a wrap!
Pasta with Creamy Marinara Sauce   (make it fancy and saute some onion/squash/zucchini to go in it!)
Red Lentil Dahl over rice


A few little notes on meal plans.  A more in-depth post can be found here.

These are flexible. I tried to choose meals that were super family friendly and included more "normal" ingredients (for a plant based diet, at least), but feel free to sub in your favorite meal for one listed that you're not too keen on.

I have linked meal plans for each season.  I choose to group them by season so you could see all 4 weeks at a glace and choose which one/s suited you best.  Within these meal plans, you will find 5 dinners, with side suggestions, per "week" -- all from this blog.  I only chose 5 for a few reasons, but the main reason is that  I wanted to give people a night or two to eat out if desired, to use up any leftovers, or pull something from the freezer.

There are no repeated meals.  At all.  I just had to put that in there because it was kinda tricky to figure it all out.

The weeks are all varied -- meaning, you won't be eating lentils 3 times in the week.  Or rice, for that matter. I'm purposefully did not assign a specific day (Monday, Tuesday, etc) to the meal plan so you can shuffle meals around to fit your unique schedule.

Lastly, enjoy.  Explore.  And most of all, I hope this is helpful.  It may not be fancy, but it works.

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