Monday, October 17, 2011

Eat. More. Greens.


There are a lot of changes that come with eating a more heart healthy diet.  A lot less meat, a lot less diary products, and cutting back on eggs.  Introduce more whole grains, eat more beans & lentils, and eat. more. greens!

For some reason, the issue I thought I would have (cutting out dairy) wasn't an issue at all, and the one aspect I really thought would be easy to incorperate (eating more greens) has been harder than anticipated.

So here we are.  4 months into the new eating and we feel great.  But we can't seem to eat more greens than we used to.

We have salad, pretty much, with every dinner.  We go through those ginormous boxes of spring greens and spinach within a week.  We love broccoli in this house and it usually makes an appearance at dinner a couple times a week,.  I sometimes try to have a "hummus and greens" wrap for lunch once the boys are in bed, but more likely than not, I'm more of a garbage disposal for what they don't eat.  2 and half carrot sticks. 4 bites of PB&J.  3 grapes. 

And so then I just have a small salad and an apple.

Well, I'm really determined to somehow incorperate more greens into our diet.

So far, I have only 2 ideas.

1 -- Kale (chopped) in the soup bowl before the soup goes in.  Tried it and it works and tastes great.  Although, I guess I did eat the bites with the kale in it before just enjoying the rest of the soup, but still.  It got more greens into me! 

2-- A handful or two of mixed green under the tomato sauce on our pizza!  I tried this one just a couple days ago and it was fabulous.  You could see it was there, but you could hardly taste it due to the sauce and toppings!

I sometimes have a Green Monster for breakfast and I am going to try kale chips and maybe even a kale salad, but other than that - how do I get more greens into my diet? 

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  1. in a lot of my quinoa stir frys, i chop up spinach (you could also probaby do kale) and add that to the mix. it shrinks up and doesn't change the texture. I also made your zucchini quinoa lasagna but added kale (food processed) to the quinoa mixture. We still eat eggs, so I add diced spinach to most egg creations. Kale usually has to be steamed or diced for us to eat it. I made a smoothie with leftover shredded zucchini and kale the other day - and the boys loved it. I just added a bit more honey to help with the taste. You're doing great! Love the ideas and keep them coming. =)