Monday, May 6, 2013

Exciting changes are coming!

Life is full of changes, isn't it?  Expected and unexpected alike, change is inevitable.  Sometimes it's good, sometimes we don't see the good until we've passed through the change.

This blog is about the undergo some changes.  The look.  The tags.  It will still be simple, but there are some exciting additions coming, too, and I want you all to be aware.

For starters, I should give you all a little background.

About eighteen months ago, my dear and very close friend, Brittany, who also happens to be a Registered Dietitian (RD) with a passion for feeding her family healthy meals, came to me with the fabulous idea to write a cookbook. We both wanted to share our love of cooking healthy and delicious meals on a budget with people.  With her added nutritional knowledge, the cookbook was going to be unique, and we hoped most of all, helpful.

Well, life happened, and we have recently decided to shelve the pursuit of the cookbook.  The only thing is, we have all these amazing recipes that have been taste-tested and, according to our taste-testers, need to be out there. 

So one of the changes on the blog will be an influx of recipes over the next year as we post them, seasonably appropriate, along with whatever else I'm cooking up that seems "blog-worthy".  The recipes that were intended for the cookbook are very similar to what's on the blog already.  Mostly all plant-based/vegan with the occasional vegetarian or just plain "healthy" meal.  You'll be able to tell the "cookbook intended" recipes because the ingredients will be underlined, there will be times noted on how long things take to prep/cook, and some of the recipes even have nutritional information.  Think of the blog as a living cookbook, if you will.

Another change on the blog with be the addition of posts addressing nutritional concerns.  Brittany will periodically share her vast nutritional knowledge with us (as well as some recipes), writing about general nutrition as well as specific nutritional tid-bits honing in on ingredients.  All these posts will be categorized and tagged for easy access at any time under the new tab at the top of the blog titled: "Nutrition".  I will also be writing non-recipe posts addressing issues such as what to stock your pantry with, how to meal plan, how to not let food you have in your fridge go to waste, etc, and these will be found under the "Helpful Hints" tab at the top of the blog.  I also want to eventually have 3-4 week meal plans available for all 4 seasons!

Our hope is to have a well-rounded blog with not only recipes, but also resources for you to utilize as you feed your family.  If you'd like, please like or "share us" from our facebook page, give people you know who would benefit from this blog the web address, and in general just help us reach those who might be aided by the information we have to offer.

The last change will be to the look of the blog.  Tags on the recipes will be more specific, I'm going to look into having the recipes be "printable" and "pinnable", and just in general make the blog more streamline and simple.

You can read more about us here.

Stay tuned for a GIVEAWAY!

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