Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Vinegar Trick

I made this recipe again tonight for dinner, but I added a tablespoon of Red Wine vinegar to it, and my goodness, the difference was unmistakable and really, there's no turning back.

My mom's friend Sally came by on Monday for some tea and fresh banana bread on her way back from the airport and we got talking about food - she is a self-proclaimed foodie and has actually just started her own food blog! Anyway, she told me about this vinegar trick she uses on most of her soups and stews and roasts. She says just a tablespoon added at the end works magic. She's right. I don't have as many vinegars as she does (she said she has quite a few), but I did happen to have Red Wine vinegar on hand, and since the soup had beef in it, I figured I'd give it a go. My goodness. You should try it and experiment with it. I know it sounds a little out there, but really, it's a great 'secret' ingredient.


  1. See - glad you liked it! PS. can I be your friend too? Sally

  2. Oh course you are, but you were mom's friend first, so I have to give her credit. ;)