Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Carmelized Onions

There are very few dishes I so thoroughly enjoying making than caramelized onions.

If I have the time, that is.  As in, an hour of time.

And no boys running around my feet.

And so yesterday, with an entire nap-time to do as I wished, I chopped 5 onions and set to caramelizing.  I also had a book to read, so I read, stirred, read and read, scraped, stirred, and read some more.

Oh the bubbling.  The delightful aroma.  The scraping of little caramelized bits. 

It's amazing that a whole pan full of raw onions turns into this:

Oh yum.  This is a great site to references if you've never made these delicious onions.  Top sandwiches or burgers with them -- soups and stews are set a notch above with them added. 

They even make a spoon taste better. 

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