Thursday, August 4, 2011

Chocolate Covered Banana Bites

I saw this recipe on (never home)maker earlier this week and literally went to the store the next day to get the chocolate chips to make these amazingly delicious frozen treats. They are so good.

So good!

As in, I'm trying to not think about the 17 pieces of nice cold bananas slathered in peanut butter and chocolate sitting in my freezer right now.

Have self control. Have self control.

Ok. Now that I'm focused again, these little babies were so incredibly easy to make. I doubled the recipe, because with 2 little dudes and a hubs, there was no way I was getting away with making just a dozen of these sweet treats!

I tried it originally with equal part PB and chocolate, and maybe it's just my taste buds, but it was too much peanut butter for me. Also, I used the fresh ground PB we get from Whole Foods, and while it still tasted great, I will use conventional creamy PB next time for easy dipping/spreading. :)

Chocolate Covered Banana Bites
Makes 12 bites

  • 2 ripe (but not overly so) bananas - cut into 12 pieces total
  • 1/3 c chocolate chips
  • 1/4 c creamy PB
  • Coconut flakes
-- Peel and cut your bananas
-- In a microwave safe dish, (I used a 1 cup Pyrex measuring cup for ease in the dipping department) melt the chocolate and PB together - stirring to combine. YUM!
-- With a fork, take a chunk of banana and dip it into the chocolaty goodness. (You want your bananas firm enough to withstand "stabbing")
-- Transfer to a tin foil/wax paper/parchment paper covered plate
-- Repeat until the last one has been coated.
-- If there is any remaining, reheat a little to soften it up and drop the extra lovins on the bananas to coat them even more. I didn't do this because my bananas were just extra coated and I had barely enough left over.
-- Now sprinkle the chocolate covered babies with coconut flakes.
-- Freeze for about an hour (you can eat the, now, but they're not as good. Wait to eat until they are frozen through and the bananas taste like ice cream!) and then transfer them to an airtight plastic container and continue freezing until ready to eat.

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