Wednesday, August 17, 2011


With almost every single heart healthy dish I say something to the effect of "...and I served this with a big green salad." or "...and just toss a great salad together and you're good to go."

What does my mystery salad look like, you ask?

Pretty much whatever I have on hand.

Most of the time, it's spring greens from the huge plastic bin in my fridge that I get at a local discount market. The same exact stuff they sell in Whole Foods but for half the price becasue the expiration date is a week away.  Seeing as how we go through these huge tubs of salad so fast, this has never been an issue.

I usually get the Mixed box - half Spring Greens and half Spinach.  If I don't get one of those, I'll sometimes find a good deal on Aritsan lettuce and just chop that up as we need it.  And sometimes I'll get those bags of three romaine lettuce heads and a bag of spinach and mix those up.

For toppings, I use whatever I have on hand.  Chickpeas, almonds, raisins, crainsins, carrots, tomatoes, flax seeds.  Sometimes together, sometimes not.  It just depends on what we're having and what I think will go. 

And always with a little dressing.

I hope this helps!

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