Friday, August 19, 2011

Some Additions

I've made some additional remarks and changes to some of the recipes I have on here that I've made this past week or just realized - oh hey, everyone else should know about this, too!

So here you have some of the additions!

Chickpea Pasta Sauce

One of our family favorites around here.  I think I could make this once a week and get zero complaints.  But I don't.  I try to broaden my horizons.  But it does make it onto a least one week's meal plan a month.  If not, I think I would find the dearest husband in the kitchen trying to make it himself.

Which he could.  It's that easy.

Baked Oatmeal

Another family favorite even before we went heart healthy!  ...and I've now made it vegan!


This is my go-to quick and easy appetizer.  Whip it up (in a double batch, of course), pull out a bag of pretzels, some slices carrots or celery, or the best, some pita chips, and you're golden!  I have 4 new variations on the already amazing original recipe!



  1. I have a very similar baked oatmeal recipe...did Eee give it to you?

  2. no. i actually sorta made it up when scot and i first got married. :) glad you have one like it - it's amazing!