Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Chocolate PB Banana Soft Serve

So Angela talks about adding Banana Soft Serve to her overnight oat breakfast creations all the time.  Each time, I pass over the link since I have yet to make an overnight oat breakfast.  (Shame on me, I know!)  Well, this past week, I finally clicked on the link, and WOW!  I knew I had to try it.  Creamy soft banana flavored "soft serve", and ohmygoodnessgracious it was good!  And beyond easy.

We had it for the first time Monday morning on top of pancakes.  The boys thought it was the greatest thing ever.  And since it was all banana, I had no problem giving them some extras!

After dinner, though, I was craving something sweet and creamy. Namely, ice cream.  Or frozen yogurt or sorbet since ice cream really isn't part of the diet any more.

I got to thinking, though -- I wonder what would happen if I added some melted chocolate and peanut butter to the banana soft serve?

I'll tell you what happened: ohmygoodnessgracious goodness!

Now it doesn't taste exactly like ice cream -- so don't go and whip this up and come back to me complaining that it didn't do it for you -- but it is creamy and sweet and if you liked the Chocolate Covered Banana Bites, then you'll love this just as much!  The boys thought it was ice cream, and I would have made another batch pronto except that I just used the last frozen bananas...

So here we go!

Chocolate PB Banana Soft Serve
Serves...4 small bowls or 2 large ones. 
  • 3 large frozen bananas (I found that leaving them on the counter for 10-15 minutes worked really well and was easier for my food processor's motor)
  • 1/3 c chocolate chips
  • 1/4 c smooth PB
  • Coconut flakes or chocolate chips for garnish
-- Break the bananas up into one inch chunks and put them in your food processor.  Turn it on and make sure the bananas are doing ok before you leave the scene.  You'll want to scrape down the side after about a minute and make sure you break up any unbroken chunks.  The mixture should just whip right up and start to expand.  Leave for about 4 minutes.
-- Meanwhile, gather your chocolate chips and PB.  Microwave the chocolate until melted and pour into the food processor.  Plop in the PB, too, and ship the "soft serve" for another 3-45 seconds until all combined.
--Spoon out into cups/dishes and garnish!


  1. I just made the banana soft serve for the little girls for an afternoon snack, and it is probably the most amazing thing I have ever made in my kitchen.

  2. Oh Anne - I'm so glad they liked it! I'm thinking of adding some strawberries to our next batch! Our last batch had just chocolate and coconut in it and it was fabulous!

  3. I made the banana "soft serve" and we enjoyed as just bananas. But I had made extra so we made banana sandwiches by spreading some between graham crackers and freezing. Also put a little layer of peanut butter on some graham crackers and then banana soft serve. Fun snacks! Thanks for the recipes, I always find fun things on this site!