Thursday, December 29, 2011

Easy Indian Stew Re-post

I hope everyone had a merry Christmas/Hannukah!

This recipe is on the blog already, but I thought I'd repost it and bring it to every one's attention.  I've made this quite a few times over the years and tweaked it just lightly.  I also took another picture of it instead of the dreadfully bright-beacuase-I-used-a-flash picture from before.

This is a meal that can be on the table in a flash if you have some brown rice left over from another meal.  I now like to slightly mash the chickpeas to give just a little nicer texture.  IE: so I don't feel like I'm just eating chickpeas in a sauce.

The boys love this meal, too, and it's incredibly tasty for the little amount of time and ingredients needed.  So if you haven't made it before, put it on your meal plan for sometime in the next couple weeks!

And have a wonderful New Year!

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