Monday, April 16, 2012

Giveaway time!

Thanks to over 100 "likes" on my Hearty Helpings Facebook page, I am now hosting a little giveaway to say thank you!

I am giving away a set of 4 hand crafted wooden napkin rings in the shapes of adorable barn yard animals from Williams-Sonoma.  2 Roosters and a 2 Pigs to be exact.

Aren't they so cute?

And each animal is different enough that you'll be able to easily tell them apart. 

Also, giveaway winner will receive a recipe card with my famous Best-Banana-Bread-Ever recipe on it.  It's not on the blog, and it's not really very healthy, so if you don't want it, or just hate bananas, let me know and I'll write a different recipe out for you.  One that's healthier and minus the bananas. :)

And of course, the rules...

Giveaway rules:

1) In order to be eligible to receive the giveaway, you need to comment on this blog post telling me about one healthy treat you enjoy in the summer.

2) You may also link to this blog post and share on facebook to receive a second chance to win the giveaway (just make sure you comment a second time!)

3) Lastly, you may blog about this giveaway to up your chances even more!  (Again, just leave a second or third comment letting me know!)

Giveaway closes Thursday (4.19) night at 8pm, EST.  Giveaway winner will be posted the following morning.


  1. I'll happily share your blog!

    1. make sure you comment again so i can count your FB post! :D

  2. Love this blog!! Our favorite summer treat has to be fresh berries. I can't get enough of those fresh strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries during the hot summer months. They are perfect all by themselves or with a little chopped mint mixed in. Yum!

  3. Our favorite summer treat has got to be watermelon!!! The kids just can't get enough of it! One of these years I hope to start growing my own...

  4. We just discovered some lemon ginger juice at trader joes that I'm sure will be a regular summer treat in our house this year! It is especially refreshing on ice!

  5. We love salt potatoes to take to picnics in the summer.

  6. Salads...lots of salads! Especially the dark green sort with fruit and toasted nuts.

  7. I enjoy both of your blogs. One of my favorite summer treats is bing cherries. I also love fresh corn on the cob. - Catie L.