Tuesday, July 10, 2012


A kitchen is like a workshop, and in any workshop, tools are a necessity.  Like workshops have certain tools customary to its shelves, so does a kitchen.  Most kitchen have the same basics: bowls, spoons, measuring cups, cutting board, pots and pans, etc. To make the meals here, there are a few items that we want to make sure you have on hand to make the cooking easier.  Obviously, please do not feel that you can’t make the meals on here if you don’t have everything on this list -- there are ways to cook most everything with even the most basic of kitchen tools.

  • Large stock pot or dutch oven
  • Blender/Food processor/Hand or Immersion blender -- in some case, a potato masher will work fine if you’re willing to use a little elbow grease
  • A good sharp knife -- this is imperative as a dull knife will almost double your chopping time.  You don’t need a whole slew of knives, but a good knife for chopping veggies, like a Santoku or Chef, is a good idea
  • Rice cooker - not only for perfect rice, but for other grains and lentils, too
  • This is a great link to pan sizes and how much they can hold.

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