Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Waffle Cookies

About 2 months ago, my mom sent an article she tore out of (shhh!) the airline magazine she was able to leaf through on her way back to CO from helping me get settled out here. The article wasn't so much of an article as it was a recipe of making cookies with a waffle iron. The only thing was that I did not have a waffle iron. So I threw the article/recipe away. And then, I found a waffle/pizzelle maker for only $5. "Waffle cookies here I come!" I thought. Except, wait, I threw that recipe out. Oh well, that's what the internet's for... right? Kinda.

I found a few recipes that seemed similar to the original one I remembered. Crispy chocolate chip cookie on the outside, soft on the inside. My kind of cookie. So yesterday after naps, Evan and I made the first recipe. I mean, come on!, it's cookies in a waffle iron with a two year old -- how much better can you get?!

The first recipe was just all right. They were too much like waffles to me and not sweet enough to pass for cookies. In fact, when Scot came home and tried one, he raved about them. As waffles. When he found out they were supposed to be cookies, he took my side of things. I told him he could eat them for breakfast the next morning. He did. Gladly.

The second recipe, however, made after naps today, was right on. I used my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe and just halved the recipe in case it didn't turn out. It's hot outside right now and I didn't want to have to turn the oven on to salvage a batch of dough. Thankfully, everything was just fine. Better than fine, really. These cookies were just what I was wanting. Crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside. After 2 minutes in the waffle iron, they were ready to be taken out (with a spatula very carefully slid under so as to not break them apart), and placed on a cooling rack. A huge glass of milk with these bad boys and I have dessert for tonight covered.

I can't wait to try out other cookie sugar cookies. With glittery sprinkles. If I make them small enough, would they pass for snow flakes? Ya think?

Other recipes I plan on trying are here and here. I'm thinking Christmas cookie plates. Yes? And the pizzelles this thing can turn out...oh yes. Christmas baking this year is already starting to look good!

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