Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tacos for little hands

Do you ever go about your business and do something so normal and natural to you and then, when in front of other people, you realize that it's not oh so normal?!  Yeah.  I've done that.

I've also done creative things that I assume everyone else does because it seems so logical to me, but in talking with other people and moms, I realized that maybe i should share this little tid bit.  And since it has to do with food, it's here. 

So, down to the trick.  When we eat soft tacos, and in the summer, that's a lot, we all eat them.  I have never been one for fixing something different for my boys to eat, but soft tacos + little boy hands = big mess.  To solve this problem, we use a rubber-band and wrap it around the bottom of the folded taco.

Like this.

No more spilled taco.  Easy to pick up and put down.  And most of all.  Mom and Dad have free hands to feed themselves!

By the way, these are the sweet potato tacos that are fabulous!

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