Monday, October 8, 2012

Pantry Basics

Some of the recipes have these ingredients in them.  It'll make a recipe look a lot less intimidating if you have these staples on your shelves along with the regular items!  

Flax seed. Want to make a flax seed egg, go here. You can buy this at your local market - Bob's Red Mill has it in a bag in whole form and in "meal" form which is quite nice to throw into oatmeal/breads/smoothies

What is nutritional yeast?  Find out with a simple click.  I buy this at Whole Foods in the bulk section

Also, learn more about wheat germ and how amazing it is and how easy it is to add to things.  I get this at the local market, again, using Bob's Red Mill bag.  This has to be refrigerated after opening.

good spice rack could look like this.  Mine looks a lot like it and I rarely need to buy a new spice for a recipe.

Quinoa is amazing!  You should get some if you don't have any.  Seriously.  And always make extra!  I get this, in bulk, at Whole Foods or in BIG bags at Costco.

Having a well stocked pantry is perhaps a cooks’ best tool. If your pantry has the basics, you can not only be capable of making a myriad of dishes with no planning, but you will also be able to substitute items you have for items you need but don’t have.

This list is very basic, and please keep in mind that everyone’s pantry, cupboards, and refrigerator are all going to look different, but if you have the majority of these items, you will be on-track to easily being able to create the meals on this blog as well as other meals you feel like whipping up.

· Bread
· Bread crumbs
· Cornmeal
· Cornstarch
· Crackers
· Flour, white and whole wheat
· Oats
· Rice/Quinoa
· Spaghetti

· Baking powder
· Baking soda
· Brown sugar
· Butter
· Cocoa powder
· Eggs
· Honey or Agave
· Milk
· Oil: Canola and Olive
· White sugar
· Yeast, active dry

· Allspice
· Basil
· Chili powder
· Cinnamon
· Cloves, ground and whole
· Cumin
· Dill
· Ginger
· Mustard (ground)
· Nutmeg
· Oregano
· Paprika
· Pepper
· Rosemary
· Salt
· Thyme

· BBQ Sauce
· Broth/Stock
· Hot sauce
· Ketchup
   Lemon and lime juice
· Mayo
· Mustard
· Soy Sauce
· Tomato Pasta
· Tomato Sauce
· Vinegar: balsalmic, cider and red wine
· White Wine

· Canned Beans
· Canned Tomatoes
· Canned Fruit
· Coffee
· Diced green chiles
· Extracts, almond, vanilla, and coconut
· Garlic
· Jams
· Nuts
· Onions
· PB
· Popcorn w. brown bags
· Raisins
· Salsa
· Tea

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