Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Favorite Summer Dishes

As the temps are on the rise, I find myself riffling through my recipe box finding every single dish that doesn't require the use of the oven (unless it's my toaster oven!), is easy and fresh, and can either be prepped ahead of time or served chilled.

The reason?  I have no central AC and when the kitchen gets too hot, I can't seem to keep the rest of the house cool.   Also, there are a lot of nights come summertime I just don't feel like cooking.

This is the list of my top 10 favorite summer dishes.  And not in any order, mind you.

Chicken & Black Bean Salad (I make mine with chickpeas sometimes)

Coming up:  I'm making a chilled carrot ginger soup that I hope will be a nice addition to my other cold soups!

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