Monday, August 29, 2011


Fall is in the air.  It's a bit early, it seems, but it's there.  Crisp mornings.  Yellowing of the leaves.  Dusk after dinner instead of when I'm tucking the boys into bed.

I adore fall.  I love the clothes I get to wear, the energy the cooler weather brings, the excitement of the holidays.  The soups and stews.  The pies.  Oh, the pies.   Apple, strawberry, raspberry.  PiePie. Pie

With pies in mind, I present you with my first ever giveaway item.

 Williams-Sanoma Pie Crust Cutters! 

Makes any ole pie crust that much fancier!  Use a little or use a lot.  Just have fun with it!  Comes new in box with 4 of these niffy little cutters! 

I always look at giveaways and wish I could win something.

I've also recently realized how good a giveaway can be to broaden your "fan base".  Seeing as I only know of 17 people who currently follow this little blog, I would love to get the word out more on these healthy meals I'm making and creating!  (Speaking of following -- if you want to and don't already, please follow me or subscribe via email on the sidebar!)

So to enter to win this little bloggy giveaway: just comment!  That's it.  If you tell me something cool, like what kind of dish you'd like to see on here, or what dish you've really enjoyed from the site, well, that's helpful, too.  ALSO, you can comment a second time, if you blog or Facebook about this giveaway and link to the blog! Giveaway will close Friday at 10pm, EST.

I will randomly pick (with the help of the computer) one winner to receive the adorable pie crust cutters!  (I will ship anywhere in the US or to an APO address!)

PS:  I'm going to see how many comments I can garnish.  I'm hoping more than 5, my current "high comment number". haha.

Just for the record, I love it when people comment.  It lets me know the blog is being utilized so that on days I just don't feel like putting up another recipe, I know that there are actually people out there who may benefit from what ever it is I've made.


  1. Yay for giveaway blog entries and double yay for pie! I am looking forward to trying out some of your recipes once I have completed my Hearty-y Helpings menu planning. :) TTFN

  2. I Facebook'd about your blog and hope you get a few more followers. I also hope to win the pie crust cutters because I LOVE to bake pies, pretty pies of course!

  3. just wanted to comment so you know i always check out your recipes! but credit my comment to joley, if you will =) she is MUCH more likely to make pies, pretty or not, than i am! ;-) miss you both!

  4. I just made your creamy chickpea pasta last night, and it was a hit! I was a little nervous because my dh isn't always a fan of my vegetarian experiments. But the sauce was really creamy and delicious, and I will definitely make it again. I'm going to try the peanut yum sauce next! :)

  5. I facebooked your blog! Those pie crust cutters are really pretty . . .

  6. I am always inspired by your heart healthy endeavors! Thanks for showing us that healthy meals can also be delicious!

  7. Just did a blog post for it too!!

  8. So excited about this giveaway. So excited about your new blog!! Our favorite recipe is the quinoa black bean salad. We make it all the time. We're looking forward to trying more new recipes once our CSA season is over.

  9. Just posted about you on my blog!

  10. I love reading your blog and it is now my first go to for a healthy and easy meal. I have had great luck with many recipes from the old blog and the newer and healthier versions. Favorite is the lentil tacos but the Pineapple curry quinoa also got good reviews from family and friends. Just finished off some pumpkin bars (skipped the frosting) and they were a hit at the babysitters.

    Keep sharing your experiences and recipes. One day when I figure out how to have more free time I will share some of my own recipes and ideas.

  11. Hi. I just hitched a link from my cousin Kjerste's blog over here, and am excited about those cutters. I love putting leaves on my fall pies, but usually have to cut them out individually. Hopefully not anymore!

  12. I'm making a peach pie this weekend and wish I had some cute little cutters to use :) I hope you are well friend! Love and miss you!